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A new home for Fowers Games

We have decided to move Fowers Games. But don’t worry, we aren’t going far.

This move has been a while in the making. We have been looking for more space, an opportunity to grow and spread our wings. You, our fans, have made Fowers Games a success, and now we need to grow and build upon that.

We have moved our offices into an historic home in the Salt Lake City area, an old house that will become our new board gaming headquarters. With more space, this will offer us the chance to really spread out and try new things.

With more space, we are able to do more for our fans and create more great content related to our games. You may have seen the videos we did showing off Now Boarding. It’s because of our great new space we were able to record fun videos to support the community.

You will still be able to get all of your favorite games here at the Fowers Games website. This just means we will be able to do more to develop and show off the best game we can. 

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