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Burgle Bros. app out now for your favorite platform

It’s time to get stealthy. Do you have what it takes to sneak past the guards, slip the loot into your bag and make it to the roof without being detected? The Burgle Bros. app has launched, bringing the cat burglar game to your favourite platform.

The app will have all of the amazing gameplay you loved from the cardboard version. This digital adaptation makes setup and takedown a breeze, while letting you try out crazy combinations and incredible fan-made maps.

Use all of the characters from the game that you love. Flip through traps with the Acrobat, lay down distractions with the Raven and get those extra dice for vault cracking with the Peterman. Every character comes with an alternate, with 18 different special powers to choose from and an incredible number of combinations.

Then check out the Burgle Bros. app, now available on the App Store and Google Play store. And don't forget to check out Paperback, which just got a major multiplayer update. The word-building deck builder is also on the App Store and Google Play

Get in. Get the loot. Get out.

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