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Hardback getting closer to release

It’s been a great year for Fowers Games and our Kickstarter projects. We saw some amazing successes this year and are excited to see a project from earlier this year hit the home stretch. For fans who have been waiting patiently, Hardback will soon be making its way into your hands.

We are incredibly excited to see the next chapter in our word-building deck builders hit the market. This follow up to the successful Paperback should be reaching the port late in December and then into backers hands in January.

The proofs we have received of the game have us very excited for this release. The game is looking great and we are excited to have it in the hands of backers and Fowers Games fans.

In Hardback, players build up a hand of letters used to build bigger and bigger words. Certain cards play off of one another, letting you combo into more buying power and extra points. We have even developed a cooperative mode where players can take on an evil villain. Will you buy the best card, or knock off the card the evil villain would use to get points?

If you missed the Kickstarter, you can pre-order a copy right now and get it as soon as it's here.

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