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Design a mission for the Burgle Bros. app!

We teased last newsletter that we will be bringing Burgle Bros. as an app. Now that we are closer to launching the app, we are looking to you, our dedicated fans, to help us come up with the best maps to bring to the game.

If you think you have an especially tricky or fun map setup, we want to hear about it. We are looking for one-shot missions, something that can be played in a single session without much randomization. Players can run through them again, but tile placement will be controlled. Here are a few design considerations:

  • Maps can be anywhere from 2x2 up to 10x10. You can also use any shape, but each floor has to be the same shape.
  • Maps can be one to five floors.
  • You can set any tile location and have the rest randomized from a pool of tiles.
  • You can set any number of a particular tile.
  • You can use any number of walls, and set wall locations and have the rest randomly, but there must be a path to each tile.
  • You can limit the number of players, with a maximum of 4.
  • You can determine which characters to start with, along with loot and tools each start with.
  • You can set the cards in the tool, loot and event decks, and have them random or in a set sequence.
  • The guards can have different start speeds, speed per reshuffle, maximum speed, and you can start with a pre-set patrol deck (though they will always be shuffled after one time through).
  • Come up with some introductory text, telling the players about the mission and provide a backstory.

Send your best map designs to Tim at If we love your mission we will let you test it out in the new app. 

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