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Our next big boardgame - Now Boarding

The next big project from Fowers Games is just around the corner. And while we aren’t ready to completely pull off the wrapping on this one, we did want to give you a small preview of what to expect.

Now Boarding is a game we have had around for a number of years. It was a web game for a long time, but hard to find now that flash games don't work in most browsers. But we have been working hard to pull together a cardboard version.

In Now Boarding, players take on the role of Airways Airlines, herding passengers through the airport and onto their waiting aircraft. But be careful: passengers will freak out if you don't meet their needs. 

We will have demo copies of Now Boarding at GenCon, where you can check out fast-pased pick up and deliver game. You can also take a look at the original version of the game at While some aspects may change in the cardboard version, it will provide you with a good idea of what the game is about.

More details about the game and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign will be coming in the next few weeks. The Fowers Games newsletter will be the first place to hear about this project.

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