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Paperback - the novel deckbuilding game. Word-building meets deck-building - players start with a deck of letter cards and wild cards. Each hand they form words and purchase more powerful letters based on how well their word scored. Most letters have abilities that activate when they are used in a word, such as drawing more cards or double letter score. Players buy wilds to gain victory points.

Help Paige Turner become a famous author by completing Westerns, Science Fiction, Romance or even a Crime Noir novels. Live the dream — and maybe pay the bills.

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2015 PAX South Tabletop Indie Showcase

Tom Vasel's Top 100 Games of All Time

Rahdo's Top 10 Games of 2014

Game Developers Conference 2014 Exhibition

"I've had this game for a month or two now and I honestly believe it to be one of the best games of the year." - HeirToPendragon

"I love this game. It's incredible how well the word building works as an action/money restriction mechanic for a deck builder." - Kennen_Rudd

"It seems impossible that this game didn't exist before 2014. So simple and so much fun to play!" - Crystal Pisano

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