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Wok Star, 3rd Edition

Product image 1Wok Star, 3rd Edition
Product image 2Wok Star, 3rd Edition
Product image 3Wok Star, 3rd Edition
Product image 4Wok Star, 3rd Edition
Product image 5Wok Star, 3rd Edition

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One copy of Wok Star, 3rd Edition, the cooperative boardgame of restaurant management. Includes several new mechanics, including:

  • Grocery Runs Rolling the dice multiple times during around keeps a bad roll from ruining your entire game
  • Hustle New tools to help you modify dice and streamline interactions between players
  • House Special Alternative pathway to victory allowing players to double-down on existing recipes rather than expanding into new ones
  • MSG Cubes Using your own dice goes down easy. Using another player's dice can be a bit more challenging
  • Advertising Gain new potential customers - but can you serve them all?

Ships from warehouses in US, UK, Germany, China, Australia to avoid import taxes/VAT.

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