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Burgle 2 FAQ

How to play Burgle Bros 2:

Check out the how-to-play video in GERMAN here 

Try the new "low luck" variant, a whole way to play!

Here is a simple tip for making your table more level. Slip it in when the table is assembled so it doesn't slide too far down the crack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I flip over a Drunk chip while moving diagonally from a Revolving Door tile on the first floor?

Keep moving diagonally! Jump to the next tile in the same diagonal direction you used upon leaving the Revolving Door tile. Every other rule for the Drunk chip functions the same. Remember that Drunk chips work differently depending on the floor!

What happens if I move into a first floor tile with a Drunk chip from the second floor 

Nothing. If moving from the second floor to the first floor results in you flipping over a Drunk chip, just ignore the slide effect, discard the chip, and—if needed—reveal the tile underneath you.

How about the opposite? Moving into a Drunk chip from the first floor?

Since the chip is on the second floor, you fall back down to the first floor. The tile on the second floor doesn’t get revealed and the chip gets discarded.

Does a Crowd chip prevent players from gaining heat if they move into a tile with a Crowd chip and a bouncer?

Yes. Prevent the heat and then discard the Crowd chip.

What do I do if I draw a Distracted card during setup of the game? 

The Distracted card text says that you need to choose an even-numbered room. During setup, no tiles are revealed yet, so there are no even-numbered rooms to choose! Go ahead and draw another card to complete the setup.

Can I look at my gear cards before they are prepped?

Yes. The only reason you place them behind your character card is to remind you that they aren’t prepped yet.

Does the event card Directions reveal a chip on top of the tile too?

No. Just reveal the tile.

Heist 2 – Rescuing Her ride

What happens if a gear or event card moves a player already inside the car?

That player, the car, and any other players in the car follow the movement instruction from the gear or event card. However, because the car cannot move down to the first floor, ignore any gear or event card that would try to move a player inside the car to the first floor.

Can you further explain what skipping over the tiles in the car means?

Sure! When a player inside the card chooses to move, they target a tile adjacent to them. If there is more than one tile in the direction chosen (meaning they’re not moving into an edge or corner tile), than the car skips over the first tile in that direction and goes to the next tile in that direction instead. 

If the skipped tile happens to be unrevealed, then you don’t reveal it. If there is an unrevealed chip on the skipped tile, you don’t reveal it either. And you ignore any effects of the skipped tile, including when you enter and when you leave effects. However, you do activate the effects of tiles you move into or out of—just not the skipped ones.
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