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Now Boarding How-To-Play

Is your plane ready to take off? Watch the brief video below to learn how to play Now Boarding:


Q: How does Speed work?

A: Speed is the TOTAL amount your plane can move during one flight phase.

Q: How do VIPs work?

A: You can choose when to take a VIP, but if you don't take them before the end of the morning/afternoon/evening they are next to, they count as a complaint. 

Q: Do I have to pick up VIPs immediately?

A: You do not have to pick them up immediately. They are just like other passengers, but with a special rule, unique to each VIP, that makes them a little more difficult to serve.

Q: When are VIP cards flipped face up?

A: During the Maintenance phase, when you choose to take a VIP, you flip it face-up next to the face-down passenger card it's attached to.

Q: When do VIPs count as complaining?

A: In addition to the regular passenger complaint rules, VIPs count as a complaint if you don't choose to take all the VIP cards before the end of that phase (morning/afternoon/evening). Each phase has a number of VIPs assigned to it.

Q: When playing with the "Crying Baby" VIP, when do passengers receive anger tokens?

A: Only in airports. Passengers in the same plane as a Crying Baby do not receive anger tokens (the baby falls asleep mid-flight).

Feel free to contact us with any questions about how to play. You can also check the friendly Board Game Geek community for other helpful hints.

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