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Paperback Adventures

Two-headed Giant Mode
This cooperative mode has you share a deck with another player while
you alternate taking turns. You’ll only need 1 character box.
Setup: Follow all steps of a solo game, except: each player designates
an area for their own items and McGuffins, and distribute the starting
item and Core cards between the players as you wish.
Battles: Choose a first player, and players alternate taking turns until
the enemy is defeated. Players draw at start of turn instead of end of
turn. You each draw your hand from the same deck and share the same
discard and fatigue pile. You also share the same energy, boons, hexes,
and health.
However, you can only use the items and McGuffins in your designated
area on your turn. McGuffins will trigger only when a condition is met
and only on its owner’s turn. If a McGuffin’s condition is met on the
other player’s turn, it instead resolves at the start of its owner’s turn.
Rewards/Shop: Whenever a reward card says to gain a McGuffin or
item, both players complete that step separately, and those cards go
to the designated area for that player. Other rewards work as normal.
Items and McGuffins purchased in the Shop only go to one player.
2v2 Mode
Another cooperative mode that will pit you and another player against
2 enemies at the same time. You’ll need 3 character boxes.
Setup: Follow all steps of a solo game, except for these changes:
• Each player chooses a different character and completes character setup.
• Add another Library deck for the second character in the Archive.
• Add another row of letters in the Shop underneath the first row—one row of
letters for each character.
• Whenever you set up an enemy, set up 2 instead. Use the remaining unused
character tray for the other enemy. Both enemies are the same Book and Type.
Battles: Each player chooses one enemy to battle, and only battles
against that enemy. Players play simultaneously, but both players must
finish the current phase before starting the next phase or turn.
Once per turn, a single player may “buy” a Letter card from the other
player’s hand by giving the other player a boon. They can use that letter
in any way they would use a card in their hand. Whenever that card
leaves their hand, or at the end of the turn if used in a word, return it to
the owner’s discard or fatigue pile, depending on how it was used.
Once a player defeats their enemy, they no longer take any actions on
their turn except drawing their hand each turn. The player that is still
battling can still buy a letter from the player that finished first. If any
player dies, both players immediately lose.
Rewards/Shop: Both players choose their rewards separately from their
enemy’s Reward card, and both players can visit the Shop, which still
refills after each purchase.
Errata / Unique Card Interactions
Below you’ll find some unique and uncommon rules. Keep in mind that
if any rule written on any type of card directly contradicts a rule in the
rulebook, follow the rule on the card instead.
• Whenever a reward card tells you to choose (a number) to keep,
whatever cards you don’t keep are returned to the bottom of the
deck they came from (or top if it was a McGuffin).
• If a card says to retain it or another card, the retained card stays in
your hand till next round. You still draw the normal amount of cards.
• Sometimes an enemy’s special rules might change when it flips
to Stage 2: those rule changes take place immediately when the
enemy is flipped, before you take or continue any other actions, like
applying damage.
• While you generally only use the ability text of most cards during the
Clash phase, specific cards might have an effect during the Prep
phase. For example, the Damsel’s cards with the Plot keyword.
• You can not choose a Penalty card as your replaced card.
• If any effect would have you fatigue a Wild card or Letter of Your
Choice card, ignore that effect instead. If an effect has you choose
a card to fatigue, you can not choose a Wild card or Letter of Your
Choice card.
• If there are no more Penalty cards in the Penalty deck when an
effects tells you to add a Penalty card, just ignore that effect.
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