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Can the Runner place more than 14 tokens on the evidence board?
Yes. If you ever need to place more tokens than you have slots, just place them below the evidence board.
Why do the surveillance cars have different colors?
The colors don't matter, but you can use them to tell which car saw the Runner. Just make sure that both players place the cars of the same color on the same stashes.
How does the Runner keep track of where they've been, in case they're asked for a space during the "Footprints" backup action?
There is no way to keep track other than to remember where you’ve been. If you're unsure of your movements, you can always look under the tokens you've placed on the evidence board to reconstruct your


You can download the latest version of the rulebook with corrections here.

Crowbar rules, page 10 and screens
The Runner can use the crowbar on a single building as well as a building complex, and the rules should say:
"Move [...] to any other space on ground level that’s orthogonally adjacent to the same building or buildingcomplex." (rulebook, p. 10)
"Enter and leave a building or building complex" (screens)

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