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Sabotage is a game of team stealth tactics. Two teams compete - the Villains, trying to take over the world, versus the Spies, trying to stop them. Here is how to play the intro game:

Here is an updated version of the rulebook and cheat sheets.

NOTICE: There are a few mistakes on abilities listed on the cheat sheets.  The information on the tiles is correct in all cases.  Below is a chart to help to know what to do when each team scans, reveals, hacks or shoots: Chart by Anika Henke (license: CC BY-SA)


Q: How many cubes are removed when a generator is hacked? (summary card says all of them, card&rules say 1)
A: Just 1 is removed. (misprint)

Q: If I scan both villains, how many unlock cubes do I get?
A: If it's the first time both villains have been found this turn, both spies get 2 cubes.

Q:How many cubes do I remove when hacking a generator?
A: One

Q: Modify cubes (yellow) and Slide cubes (Green) are a shared pool resources (i.e. the villains share their pool of yellow and spies share their pool of yellow and green).
A: Correct

Q: Modify and Slide are one time use resources. They should be discarded (i.e. placed away from the team supply) after they are used. They are no longer usable for the duration of the game?
A: Correct

Q:  Can you choose which direction to slide on the fly while executing actions?
A: Yes, just like 'thermo' or 'build anywhere' you can choose the location when executing.

Q: Can slide be used during the villains turn?
A: No, you can only use slide while you are executing your actions.

Q: Can you choose to not program actions?
A: Yes, this is mostly good when you parachute in and want to wait a turn to hack.  For villains, you can spend your turn just unlocking abilities. 

Q: Can you choose not to execute actions?
A:  if you can execute a action, you have to. But if circumstances have changed and you can't do it, you don't have to. (like earpiecing a dead teammate)

Q: Do you have to declare to the other team when you unlock a new ability, or gain more dice?
A: No, the summary cards are for the other team to deduce what you've unlock.  Some abilities will be clear when they are first used, like weapons.

Q: Does Parachute use up a die or should a spy be able to take three actions with the first two dice ( Parachute + 2 more actions )
A: Correct, they often move twice on their first turn.

Q: How many items can be built of each type?

A: Yes you are limited by the number of tokens. There are twice as many tokens so both sides can have a set.
2 Holograms
2 Reflectors
1 Beacon
1 Honey pot
2 Trip laser
1 Virus

Q: How long do passive abilities last? How do I activate them?
A: Once unlocked, you have the ability the rest of the game and do no have to program it.

Q: Juicer - False Alarm: I declare a false alarm in a room, and if there is a Villain in that room, they move AWAY from that room to their teammate?
A: Correct

Q: Hacker - Hologram: Do you lose swagger if the hologram is revealed?
A: No, but they think you did :)  You do declare it was a hologram when it is hit.

Q: Hawk - Beacon: After I build the beacon, do I need to play it as an action on a future turn in order to activate it?
A: No, once it's been placed, you can use it between any turns, like slide.(but unlike slide, you have to scan when using Beacon)

Q: Hawk - Untraceable: How does this work when giving the Villian's the cube? Do you just hand them one cube and they have no idea which one was hacked and just know that there was a hack?
A: Correct

Q: Acrobat - Virus: Do I have to keep playing it as an action in order for it to keep hacking or as soon as it's built, does it just automatically hack every turn?
A: it's automatic. you declare a virus hack at the start of your turn each round if it's still alive.

Q: Count V - Tear Gas: Can Virus still hack when tear gas in on the room?
A: no, all hacks there are prevented

Q: Ophidian - Trip Laser: Does the spy lose swagger if they are in the room with the trip laser?
A: No, only lose swagger on abilities that say "REVEAL"

Q: Ophidian - TNT: Can be trigger anytime on a future turn, does not have to be programmed once it's placed?
A: Yes you can trigger it anytime on your turn, without programming it.

 Q: Which Villain devices are revealed by a Spy scan?
A: All devices, including TNT.

Shoot me rules questions here:

coming soon: video to learn about all the special abilities!


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