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Getaway Driver

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Following in footsteps of classic movies like Bullet, The Italian Job, and The Fast and the Furious, Getaway Driver puts you in the driver’s seat in a reckless car chase out of town. Getaway Driver is a fast and frantic asymmetric game for 2 players, full of car crashes, crazy stunts, and daring escapes.

Play as the Driver – a daredevil motorist with the skills to pull a variety of crazy stunts – racing to get out of town. Or play as the Police – armed with a battalion of equipment and vehicles, and the city itself – working to catch the Driver before they escape.

Getaway Driver was designed by Jeff Beck, with art from Ryan Goldsberry - the same team that brought you Hardback and Word Domination.

  • Completely asymmetric
  • Sets up in 3 minutes
  • A unique experience each game
  • Use natural obstacles
  • Easy to learn, easy to teach - watch a how-to-play video or checkout the rulebook
  • Solo variant included (watch a playthrough here)

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What's in the box

  • 45 city tiles
  • 11 dual-purpose driver cards
  • 8 police upgrade cards
  • 9 vehicle tokens
  • 3 barricade tokens
  • 1 tire spike token
  • 12 hazard tokens
  • 8 stash tokens
  • 10 police enforcement tokens
  • 1 pursuit meter
  • 6 event cards
  • 3 terrain obstacles
Getaway Driver is a game for 2 players, takes 30-45 minutes, as is for players ages 12 and above.
Getaway Driver Rules Video
Original Getaway Driver Kickstarter Video

We're pretty confident you'll love Getaway Driver... but you don't have to take our word for it:

 Dice Tower Seal of Approval

"I really enjoyed how this game brought the theme to life... Both sides had interesting choices... I like how each game's going to play out slightly differently... It comes out pretty strongly, this is a car chase. Also, this is a fun game!"
-- Dice Tower (watch the full review)


SpaceBiff 9 out of 10"...joyously captures the absurdity of a driver slipping through a city-wide dragnet ...a wonderful asymmetrical game"
-- Space Biff (read the full review)


"...tells such a rich story... while the core game underneath is a sharp and smart duel of wits"
-- Rahdo


"Thick with theme... fraught with tension... well balanced and immensely enjoyable"
-- GeekDad


"Just oozes with theme"
-- AntLab


"Really feels like one of those movie chase scenes"
-- Undead Viking
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