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Intrepid is a game about surviving 400 kilometers above Earth, aboard the International Space Station. Players must work together to generate enough life-sustaining resources, all while struggling against the disaster raging around you.

Intrepid is cooperative, strategic, and highly asymmetric - and unlike anything you've played before.

  • Assemble your crew - Pick from 4 asymmetric astronauts, each with a completely unique puzzle to solve - increasing replayability and allowing players of different skill levels to join in.
  • Disaster strikes - Intrepid is a scenario-based game, with multiple disasters to face off against - each impacting the station in their own destructive way.
  • Outsmart the odds - Don't let the dice fool you! Clever thinking is your only chance to survive, balancing short-term pressures with the long-term crisis.
  • Manage the station - Advance the station's capacity to stay ahead of the disaster, but be careful: each new system you build adds to the drain of another resource.
  • Work together - You'll have to work together if you want to survive. Sharing dice, managing resources, and making plans all require teamwork to succeed.
  • Try to survive - To be blunt, this game is hard. Nothing comes easily aboard the ISS, and the disasters... they definitely come out swinging.

Intrepid is a cooperative game for 1-4 players ages 13 and up, and takes around 90 minutes to play. Games ship from our warehouses in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, and China to avoid import taxes/VAT.

And don't miss the first expansion for Intrepid, Mission Critical, which adds 4 new astronauts, 4 new careers, and a whole new disaster.

What's in the box

  • 60 Player Dice (15 per player)
  • 1 Disaster Die
  • 78 Double-sided Station Tiles
  • 4 Resource Wheels (to track Oxygen, Climate, Power, and Nutrition)
  • 4 Astronaut Country Boards (US, Russia, Canada, and Japan)
  • 4 Country Player Aids
  • 4 Career Badges (Spaceflight Pilot, Medical Officer, Payload Specialist, and Mission Specialist)
  • 8 Mission Cards
  • 1 Mission Player Aid
  • 22 Meteor Shower Disaster Cards
  • 22 Toxic Leak Disaster Cards
  • 10 Training Simulator Disaster Cards
  • 3 Disaster Player Aids
  • 8 Disaster Irregularity Cards
  • 8 Disable Tokens
  • 12 Amplify / Strain Tokens
  • 4 Converter Tokens
  • 50 Scenario Tokens
  • 18 Player Markers
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Appendix Rulebook

There's a lot of game, in not-a-small box.

Don't float aimlessly through space trying to get through the rulebook. Watch this friendly and easy-to-follow overview and playthrough from Jon Gets Games!

You can also find the rulebooks at the links below:

We think Intrepid is a pretty amazing game - but you don't have to take our word for it:

"Playing this game makes us feel like we are the actual astronauts up there, trying to come up with clever solutions to sticky problems ... I love this game."
— Rahdo, Rahdo Runs Through

"The disasters keep the tension ratched up, which is exactly what I want in a cooperative game set on a space station ... it's a spectacular game."
— Jonathan H. Liu, GeekDad

"Intrepid is a fascinating game that totally blew me away!"
— Sam Aho, Sam Says Board Game Reviews

"It's so good when I'm playing it. It's a touch puzzle! One that only we can crack. And there are so many cool options ... It's just a triumph of dice-placement ... I'm excited as hell about this!"
— Eric Yurko, What's Eric Playing?

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