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Paperback Adventures - Ex Machina Character Box

Product image 1An image of the Ex Machina character box for Paperback Adventures. Made of metal, he became the most human of all. On the cover a robot is firing a massive laser.
Product image 2A graphic explaining Ex Machina's gameplay. A more defensive character who can heal damage and charge a giant laser over time.
Product image 3An image of Ex Machina's gameplay. The robot faces off against a sludge alien.
Product image 4A stylish photograph of some Ex Machina letter cards, which are used to spell words and defeat enemies.
Product image 5The enemies that come in the Ex Machina character box, including a Sentient AI and a Mad Scientist.

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Paperback Adventures is a solo-focused game. It was designed from the ground up as a strategic, highly-replayable solo word game. There are also additional gameplay variants for cooperative play between two players.

The metal hero from the future is here! Ex Machina's Metal Shell can take the hits, and once powered up, he unleashes his Laser Eyes! With a unique set of items and letter cards, Ex Machina is the toughest protagonist in Paperback Adventures.

This package includes one CHARACTER BOX which includes

  • Character Tray with Tokens (designed by Game Trayz™)
  • 1 Character Card
  • 6 Enemy Cards
  • 6 Reward Cards
  • 60 Letter Cards with sleeves
  • 5 Item Cards with sleeves
  • 4 McGuffin Cards with sleeves
  • 4 Core Cards (2 in envelope) with sleeves

The core box is required with this character box to play the game.

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