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Spell words, flip your typewriter keys, and build combos in this new game in the Paperback series. This travel-ready game comes in a small box, and can even be stored in the included zipper bag. 

Every turn, you will spell a word with the tiles in front of you. And at the end of each round you'll grab a shiny new tile for yourself from the offer. Sounds simple enough. But there's one more twist: every time you spell a word, you'll flip all the tiles in that word, revealing new letters and a completely new puzzle.

The tiles you take might have potent abilities that can be recharged by using a letter in your word to flip them back over, or you might grab tiles that help you score set collection points at the end of the game. Other tiles are bigrams that let you claim common vowels, and sometimes a tile just has a real tough letter that can score for real big points.

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