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Fowers Games coming to Steam

We have seen tremendous interest and support for our apps. Both Burgle Bros. and Paperback have seen big support from the community and amazing response from reviewers.

Soon, you will be able to play these amazing games on your computer as well as your favourite mobile device. Both games will be coming to Steam in the next few weeks, and you will be able to enjoy our great apps on your computer.

Burgle Bros. looks great on the bigger screen, really highlighting the artwork from Ryan Goldsberry. Sneak past guards and disarm traps on the big screen, getting the most out of the app experience.

We added some great multiplayer functionality to Paperback a few months ago, and that same system will be moving into the Steam implementation. Challenge your friends to word-spelling dominance and show off your language skills.

Watch for Burgle Bros. and Paperback, coming to Steam in the near future.

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