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Burgle Bros. and Paperback are now on Steam

Pssst. We have some sneaky, steamy news. Two of our favourite digital offerings, Paperback and Burgle Bros., are now available on your desktop, laptop and any computer you may want to access them from.

That’s right, both games are now available through Steam. You can now play these great games literally anywhere without having to worry about the cleanup afterwards.

Paperback is our incredible word-building deckbuilder. Use your cards to spell words and earn money, letting you buy more cards to add to your deck. Show off your amazing vocabulary and buy victory points. But be quick because the game ends when enough victory points have been purchased.

The Steam version of Paperback includes multiplayer and asynchronous multiplayer for up to four players, even play against people on iOS and Android.

And of course there’s the sneaky Burgle Bros. where your goal is to get to the safe, crack the combination and make it out before you are caught. But don’t think this will be a walk in the park. You will have to uncover new rooms as you go, taking on new challenges and using all of your team’s abilities to get out unscathed.

You can find both Paperback and Burgle Bros. on the Steam app. If you want both, there’s even a bundle you can pick up, getting both games for $8.
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