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Own the art of Fowers Games

You have enjoyed the look and feel of our games, and now you can own the art you have seen in our favorite Fowers Games. Ryan Goldsberry, our resident artist, has opened his own Etsy store, with prints from all of your favorite Fowers Games releases.

Ryan Goldsberry, our resident artist, has opened his own Etsy store, with prints from many of the Fowers Games releases.

Fowers Games has a very long relationship with Ryan, having known him for the better part of 20 years. I reached out to him after graduating from college, while Ryan was working in video games, and asked him if he could illustrate a game I was working on with Tom Mason. “That game was the original Now Boarding. I said ‘Sure, why not?’ and the rest is history.”

Since then, Ryan has worked on Wok Star, Paperback, Burgle Bros., Fugitive, Hardback, Now Boarding, as well as the app versions of Paperback and Burgle Bros.

We work closely with Ryan on new projects and are in contact regularly. We brainstorm on themes and characters, and go back and forth as projects progress.

“I’ll experiment with art and get Tim’s feedback and often Tim will prototype rough art, and I’ll take that and try to make it look pretty,” said Ryan.”

Reaction to Ryan’s art has been overwhelmingly positive, and we were hearing at conventions that people were looking for prints.

“This is totally an experiment,” said Ryan. “I think the reaction has been positive so far. I’m very open to suggestions. If there are any particular pieces that people would like to see up in the store or any particular formats, just message me and I’ll see what I can do.”

If you want the artwork of Fowers Games to decorate your walls, then head over to Ryan’s Etsy store.
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