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The story behind Now Boarding

Now Boarding has a long history for me. I started this project 10 years ago, working on a video game with my good friend, Tom Mason. The two of us were looking to develop a fun and crazy pickup and deliver game. The result was Now Boarding.

Unfortunately, Tom passed away a few months ago. It was difficult losing such a good friend and important part of my life. We had worked on games together over the years, and I miss him.  Since Tom’s passing, his family has received part of the proceeds from the Now Boarding videogame. It’s not a lot of money, but it supplements the family’s income.

When it came time to work on Fowers Games next project, Now Boarding was an obvious choice. I knew this labour of love would make a great boardgame, and the support the campaign has seen so far has proven that out.

In order to continue to support Tom’s family, half of the proceeds from Now Boarding will go to his family. It’s important to me, and to Fowers Games, that we recognize the contribution Tom made to this game. If it wasn’t for our early work together, this game wouldn’t be what it is.

Hopefully you will join me in honoring Tom’s vision.

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