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Penny for your Paperback thoughts?


We have been working hard to develop new cards for you to play with in your favourite word-spelling deck builder. Some of them add a tweak to the game while others can really change how things shake out, but we think there are some really amazing additions to Paperback coming soon.

We are really excited about showing you some of these new cards that will be added to the game with the new Paperback expansion. Typos, especially, have become a bit of an office favourite. They turn into a hot potato, passing them to the player to the left after they are used.

New victory point cards will also add a lot of replayability and variability to the game. No longer will a quick points grab be enough to close out the game. Players will have to streamline their decks and focus on the long game if they are going to go for the big victory points cards. It’s all about the options these cards provide.

But Typos and Victory Points aren’t the only new cards we are adding in this expansion. The new elements we have been working on include:

  • 2nd Letter Cards Further capturing the Scrabble-like feel that Paperback provides, we're working on cards that give a big payout, if you can position them as the second letter in your word.
  • 3-Letter Cards A card with 3 letters on it? How else are you going to get to those new big Victory Point cards? Go big or go home.
  • Conditional Word Cards Repeating letters, words that start with a vowel, words with no wild cards. Meet the crazy conditions to score big.
  • Asterisk Cards New and easier way to get wilds into your deck, without sacrificing money down the road.
  • Dumpster Dive Recycle old letters from the trash pile, whether played by you or another player.

While we are excited for these additions, we are focused on staying true to the identity of Paperback. This will still be the accessible word-building game you love, and has a very different feel from Hardback. The new cards also create new synergies with old cards. (Can anyone figure out what card combos with that new M in the picture above?)

Production is coming along nicely for Paperback and we expect to be shipping out the new expansion in October, alongside the Hardback Kickstarter rewards. You can also order the Paperback expansion here.

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