Turning now on Android

Twisting and turning, the solution is in there somewhere. If you have a knack for puzzles and want a way to let out your inner conundrum solver, then check out Turning, now on Android.

Place tiles carefully and learn how they behave and unlock new pieces as you progress. You will you board slowly build slowly, but if you aren’t careful you may become overwhelmed.

Turning is an amazing single-player game for anyone who likes to fidget, putter and play with small things, figuring out how they work together. Every move will build upon the last, bringing new possibilities, but also new challenges.

What you are looking for is chain reactions, which will clear the board. If the board fills up, you lose! Discover the mysteries of Turning - it's a whole new twist on puzzle games.

Check out Turning, out now on the Google Play store.  Coming soon to iOS!