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Wok Star is back on the menu

The Now Boarding Kickstarter has been humming along nicely. For fans of Fowers Games, or anyone who likes cooperative board games, we have added a special treat to the campaign. You can now pick up Wok Star as part of the campaign.

You take on the role of the Wong family running a Chinese Food restaurant. Each player will be responsible for part of the restaurant, from preparing dishes to serving customers. The rub? You will only have 30 seconds to serve each customer.

For fans of the game, this is a brand new edition of Wok Star. We have worked to refine some of the mechanics and ensure there’s new paths to victory, each with risks and rewards. There’s even new ways to use your dice and deal with bad rolls. Of course, it’s all with the great artwork and fun sense of humor fans have come to expect from Wok Star.

To order a copy of Wok Star, head over to the Now Boarding Kickstarter page.
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